Friday, June 21, 2013

Raanjhanaa.. Drama, Romance and drama again


       Raanjhanaa, a movie definitely not for the regular audience, who wish for a cinematic colors, decent steps for the heart throbbing music and the hero, being a HERO, rather the movie is for the hatke movie lovers, who love to see the real life on the screen. One may be wondering about lean Dhanush being a hero, but the normal boring audience should know that such lean and thin dramatic artists often become heroes in their real lives.
   The best part about the movie is the Rehman's usual magic, that runs all along the movie, mesmerizing the music lovers in the feel of UP and Varanasi tradition.   
   The plot even entertains all kinds of audience in the initial half, but could attract the attention of only decent thinkers and philosophers,who got involved deeply in the plot. While the audience expects a cameo from our stout leader Abhay Deol, he paves way for our tamil hero Dhanush to become memorable towards the end, sacrificing himself to the love, that worked only in his 9th class.
   Dhanush, seemed exactly as great character from the plots of Chetan Bhagath, but could only end up as a real life aashique, unlike the hero at the happy endings, hugging the heroine and lifting her up in excitement.
Instead, his monologue of describing death towards the end has a heart touching moments for the viewer to feel for. In the end, its for dramatic movie lovers, who love reality and some soothing music. Mind you, in the end, its not the director's name, that appears, but the music director, who stole the show for the film.  

Final say:  Go for it if you love reality in cinemas

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