Thursday, November 10, 2016

A passionate Adventure in search of love

Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo is what when you have adventure and passion  imbibed in your conscience. You long for your passion, you search for your love and you search for your life.

Many scenes may be acted and forgotten, but some touch your heart and preserve some feelings in you and follow you in most parts of your life. The sunset scene is one such, it provokes a thought process in you to think about your inner self. If you watch the movie with yourself, you will start realizing your confidence, your abilities and the love of your life.

The movie cannot be complete without the continuous presence of Rehman’s magic. It will take some time to realise that we are in a different world. Gowtham Vasudev Menon is back with a romantic bang. Fresh looks from Naga Chaitanya and matured acting has paved the way for a magic flick. Every frame was practical like it happened to you, except some concepts in the later part of the plot. The way she was portrayed was amazing. The girl next door has acted with her eyes. One moment, when you are about to die and you wanted to many things, but what is your first priority? What will you say, how do you feel? These moments in the movie will make you fall in love with the characters.

It was fresh. It wasn’t new, but it was love. How love starts? How things turn around when you are in love? What can such magic do to you?  This “Rajinikanth” romantic hangover will be with you for some time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I just stepped on a rose..

I just stepped on a rose,
that made my heart poignant;
I just stepped on a rose, 
that hasn't lost it's crimson red on its flaccid petals;
I just stepped on a rose, 
that's born to die from my ignorant feet;
I just stepped on a rose, 
beheading its valour and beauty;
I just stepped on a rose,
That has been put to death with out its will,
I just squeezed the throat of a crimson rose 
that's been waiting to reach its destiny.
May my feet find a way to paint back the crimson red 
and let the world not witness any  such catastrophes, 
where ignorant, beautiful and maudlin forms of life die in vain n pain

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crimea!! Stay united

They say it's a revolution
We find it hard to believe, 
as we have  seldom seThey say it's a revolution
We find it hard to believe, 
as we have  seldom seen such on newspapers
They aver that the civil war has been broken
But we never witnessed a civil war,
as it's all about war on corruption here
They claim that the country is in turmoil,
due to land sharing
But here the din is about who will be a better destructor
They argue that most part of their land has the origins of some X,
and therefore has to be conglomerated with it,but 
We emphasize on our scenario,
where linguistic, cultural and economic differences
cannot secede us from this land.
Hitherto, they forget that a broken glass cannot be joined without scars.
They demand a diplomatic solution,
and we say stay together and
let the unity in the diversity prevent all the inhibitions

Friday, June 21, 2013

Raanjhanaa.. Drama, Romance and drama again


       Raanjhanaa, a movie definitely not for the regular audience, who wish for a cinematic colors, decent steps for the heart throbbing music and the hero, being a HERO, rather the movie is for the hatke movie lovers, who love to see the real life on the screen. One may be wondering about lean Dhanush being a hero, but the normal boring audience should know that such lean and thin dramatic artists often become heroes in their real lives.
   The best part about the movie is the Rehman's usual magic, that runs all along the movie, mesmerizing the music lovers in the feel of UP and Varanasi tradition.   
   The plot even entertains all kinds of audience in the initial half, but could attract the attention of only decent thinkers and philosophers,who got involved deeply in the plot. While the audience expects a cameo from our stout leader Abhay Deol, he paves way for our tamil hero Dhanush to become memorable towards the end, sacrificing himself to the love, that worked only in his 9th class.
   Dhanush, seemed exactly as great character from the plots of Chetan Bhagath, but could only end up as a real life aashique, unlike the hero at the happy endings, hugging the heroine and lifting her up in excitement.
Instead, his monologue of describing death towards the end has a heart touching moments for the viewer to feel for. In the end, its for dramatic movie lovers, who love reality and some soothing music. Mind you, in the end, its not the director's name, that appears, but the music director, who stole the show for the film.  

Final say:  Go for it if you love reality in cinemas

Thursday, December 1, 2011

love of candle light

I was d saddest person b4 u…
U entered with a smile in my life,
To light the candle of my heart..
I began to act as a candle with ur light
I supported u to be alive,
In the situations of winds and threats,
Tym passed n I shrinked..
The final of me arrived and then…
I asked u to leave me and,
Spread the light around the world…
U said “U mean more than myself”
And I was speechless
U replied “I  burned myself to b wid u
N I exist as long as u are with me”
From then I am trying  to save myself,
In the form of leftover droplets to  make u alive…….

Monday, February 14, 2011

wen i am in my frnz thoughts went lyk dis....

I want 2 b the smile that u enjoy,,
I want b the beauty u admire…..
In the world of mine,u are evrythin 2 me ..
I expect a lot 4m u and then in the end, I smile..
I smile 4 ur happiness n 4 ur life of  sm1 luky..
I wanna say something 2 u but end up in a blush..
A blush 4 being with u….
My feelingz left me wen I met u..
My smiles r happier than ever wen I see u..
my  dreams r colorful wen I think of u..
my eyes r luky 2 see ur smile..
 my heart beats everyday 4 ur dream world..
hope smday u l dream me in ur beautiful world..
n wish dat dream comes true….
I sacrifice my tears of dreams for ur happiness,
I wish n try myself for a luky1 ..
With a beautiful smile dat resemble urs,,
A beauty that s 4 u ………………………………….
Miss u….but gime permissn 2 b wid u in ma dreams.....
     dedicated 2 my frn......................