Monday, January 3, 2011

my LOVELY life......

Being a part of a cute litll family,
somwhr in southindia,,i never expctd
dat i wud b a part of lovely group..
The thought of studyn in pujab,,,
arouse evry cornr of ma heart  2 dans
The two day travel, leadin here ,
is ful of lovly thoughts.....
evry such thought made ma heart
 to  sing nd dans..............
but sein a little pillar at d entrans,
 i got littl disappntd  nd wonderd,,
 hw my lyf wud b lyk dat littl pillar..
without losin hopz i wakd along,,
enjoyin d fields around n
 perceiving peplz expresnz arnd.......
the humblnes showd by the lvly grp
prevntd me 2 think abt my home..
Even nw,
wen my mom asks ,
which is better lovely or home...?
that i could never answer and requestn her
which i du u lyk most?????
that wud result a smile on her face...
when i go bak 2 my home,,,i say them.,,
watch my eyez,
that hid the hapiness of my childhood,
perceive the corners of my eyez,
that are tryn 2 hide,
the drops of satisfaction of being in lovely.
touch my cute littl  fingerz,
that witnessd the warmth of the lovely climate,
understand my  hearty  emotions,
that are enjoyin the lovely wrld..
listen to my ears,
that enjoys when hears lovly voice in the ums;
smile at my smile,
that is a result of being there...
enjoy the climate,
that cools ur heart n sun visits u on a vacation..
lead the life that can make u happy 4rever,,
lyk the 1 i m leadin there.....
Hearing this,
i see a jealos smile on their face
which they could only do 4 missing lovely.....
     Gone are the dayz,
  where my littl finger was in my momz hanz..
     gone are the dayz,
  where my futr planzwere in my dadz mind..
      i remembr my childhud daz,,
  where ignoranz outstandd responsibilitiz,,
but nw bieng here,,
as a part of lovly group,,
as a clasmate of affectionate clasmats,,
as a ruummate of soo caring guyz,,
i close my eyz 2  FORGET MY CHILDHUD n say
that small pillar nw appears 2 b cute n smart..
lovely are the people i came across,,
lovely would be the futre i expect here..
finally i proudly say 4m the bottom of my heart
IS HAPPIER THAN MY EIGHTEEN YEARS OF MY PAST....................................................
                                 recited on the stage in  the college.......        

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